Knowing Simple Ways of Treating Acne Naturally

acne 101Acne is a common condition that affects both men and women. Its treatment is a great demand everywhere, especially now that without addressing it right away, it can lead to scarring. Mature pimples often result to inflammation of the skin, which ruptures the dermis layer, ensuing to development of scars.

At present, clinics and hospitals offer acne sufferers various options in treating acne using advanced medicine. The following are the most commonly applied treatments today:

Light Therapy

The clinical treatment is helpful in reducing the swelling and redness caused by acne. Basically, these symptoms are brought by acne-causing bacteria in your skin. To treat your problem, a combination of lights or individual light will be used to expose your skin. The light and heat energy to be applied on your skin will kill acne bacteria. Light therapy also provides benefits like decreased sebum production and reduced oil glands size.

However, light therapy can cause side effects, such as temporary redness, crusting, and peeling of areas treated.

Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels for acneChemical peels are also popular for acne treatment. From the name itself, the treatment will peel the surface layer of your skin, which will encourage new skin cells to grow. Peels are often applied in removing whiteheads and blackheads. It can also clear your pores and get rid of dead skin cells.

Similar to light therapy, chemical peels can also cause side effects, such as short-term skin redness, scarring, scaling, and blisters among others.

Cortisone Shots

The treatment makes use of cortisone, which is a natural chemical that fights away inflammation and promotes quick healing of the skin. It is usually used to hasten healing, especially when cystic acnes are concerned.

Cortisone shots can cause side effects. According to reports, the areas where cortisone is injected often become depressed. Although this is temporary, it can be embarrassing as well. Moreover, allergy risk is high when cortisone is used.

By considering the clinical treatments above, you also accept the possibility of suffering from side effects. You do not necessarily have to spend hundreds to thousands of dollars to treat your acne and just suffer from other problems. In actuality, you have a lot of acne treatment alternatives to choose from. You are free to use herbs or essential oils, which are surely effective and safe. In relation to this, listed below are the best ones you can trust:


The essential oil is one of the most effective solutions for acne and its accompanying scars. Take note that it is a pretty expensive remedy for your skin. However, the price of the essential oil seems to match the great benefits it can offer.

Fuller’s Earth

The natural substance is commonly applied to clear clogged pores, cleanse oily skin, and reduce the scars brought by acne. Using it as a facial mask will give you quicker results in eradicating pimples and their marks. According to experts, it is best added to rose water whenever being used.


Lavender OilThe herbal or essential oil form of the solution can treat pimples, scars, and even other ailments your skin is suffering from. You just need small amounts of it in order to get its gentle healing properties. Other than repairing your skin, application of it on your skin can lead to skin revitalization and regeneration.

Clary Sage

The useful remedy is perfect for acne and maturing skin. It can also reduce imperfections of your skin as long as you use it correctly. Before applying it on your skin, it is advised that you dilute the oil first. In addition to this, better prevent using clary sage first if you are conceiving.


The seeds of the herbal solution can restore the natural condition of your skin. Specifically, it can clear away your acne scars and prevent zits from forming. To use its seeds, you simply have to boil them, and the extracted solution should be applied on your scars.

Rosehip Seed Oil

The essential is rich in properties that are usable for cosmetic purposes. It can reduce acne and its scars. You can even use it in order to fight away wrinkles, premature aging, and sun damages. Rosehip tends to deliver regenerating properties to the skin. Applying it twice a day on your skin will definitely help.

Carrot Seed Essential Oil

The natural extract comes from carrot plant. It is found with high levels of nutrients, especially vitamin C. The essential is greatly useful if you want to lessen the discoloration caused by acne scars and fight away aging signs. Make sure to mix carrot seed essential oil with carrier oil before being used.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is obviously a great choice for acne and acne scars. It has safe yet effective properties for the skin cells. It can reduce outbreaks of pimples by fighting away skin inflammation and redness. Moreover, it soothes the skin and regenerates it at cellular level.

Olive Oil

Olive oil can be used in reducing the appearance of acne scars in your skin. Moreover, it has rich amounts of antioxidants that can keep you from acne outbreaks. Using it regularly will make your skin lighter, smoother, and more youthful in appearance.

Tea Tree

Tea tree oilThe essential oil coming from tea tree is useful in both healing acne and lightening acne scars. It is worldwide in-demand solution that can be used to repair the skin. Its application is very simple. You just need to combine it with carrier oil so as to avoid irritation.

Calendula Oil

The healing properties of calendula oil made it highly effective in countering acne breakouts and reducing acne scars. It can block the activities of free radicals in the skin. Additionally, it restores the skin’s normal activities with the aid of its antioxidants.


The herbal solution, which is also known as tangerine, can treat acne and scars. To apply mandarin properly, you simply need to mix its oil with a carrier oil base.

Try out the herbal solutions above and see the changes in your skin for yourself—cleared acne scars, reduced acne flare-ups, and smoother skin.

If you think these natural acne solution is not enough to get rid of zits, then proceed to the next level and that is to get the most effective acne treatment. Start searching for the best acne treatment here and compare how each product works to stop acne.