Acne, Pimples, or Zits: Everyone’s Most Usual Nightmare

Skin conditions are commonly regarded as among the most problematic issues encountered by people. Apparently, these problems affect your physical appearance, which usually make you unpleasing or ugly. Among most complained about skin problem is acne. The issue is also known as zit or pimple and can grow in both men and women. The development of acne happens irrespective of your age, race, or skin type.

What Makes Acne Problematic?

Acne is a common problem. In other words, there is a great chance that you will suffer from it no matter how you prevent it. Moreover, it can be found in different areas of your body, such as the face, shoulders, neck, back and chest. In addition to this, no one knows what causing the problem. There is no exact root of the problem, which is why some people find it difficult to solve it.

What Are the Possible Causes of Acne?

Experts have not stated any exact cause of acne. However, there are speculations regarding the development of pimples. The first hypothesis in acne growth is hormone change. Many people suffer from pimples due to their pregnancy or pubertal stage. Other than that, there are also statements released that acne may be due to your choice of foods. Main culprits in pimple growth are greasy foods and chocolate. They are often blamed for people say that they cause aggravation of acne. Furthermore, even dirt is considered a main trigger of the problem.

What Are the Different Types of Acne?

acneThere are different types of acne that could grow in your skin. You can begin with the mild ones, which are called whiteheads and blackheads. They are obviously easier to treat. On the other hand, you also have the pimples or zits that are usually known as papules. They are red in color and tender. Additionally, you have the pustules and cystic pimples. The cystic zits are the worst for they can form deeply in your skin layers and result to scarring after they dry up.

What Are the Triggers of Acne?

Aggravation of your acne may be due to different contributing factors. You can start with the pressure applied on your acne areas. For instance, you use chin straps, helmets, and collars. They irritate the skin and lead to worse acne condition. On the other hand, the drugs or medications you take may cause worse acne. Injected steroids, iodides, and lithium are few of the triggers of acne. Also, your job may affect your skin’s proneness to acne. If you are usually exposed to industrial products, acne development in your skin may be typical. Lastly, the cosmetics you apply on your skin are possible contributing factors in making it prone to pimples.

The given facts above will help you understand more about acne, which is not a simple skin condition but a complex one. Solving it may be difficult if your skin is naturally prone to the problem. However, you can be assisted by available remedies that skin care experts and your physician may recommend you.