Common Myths About Your Wretched Acne Problem

Acne is an issue associated with your skin inflammation, redness, and clogged pores. No doctor can still define what causes it exactly. However, certain studies revealed that hormonal activity, genetics, diet, and your choice of cosmetic products play possible roles in causing its development or aggravation.

No matter how extensive the studies are about acne, there are still misconceptions about the skin problem. There are certain myths that you better forget now for they only ruin your means of understanding the correct treatment of acne. To give you idea of acne’s common myths, given below are a few:

Acne is due to poor hygiene. No matter how many times you wash your face daily, if you are prone to acne, you will suffer from it. There is no proof that acne results from dirty skin. Do you know that your breakouts can even get worse if you irritate the skin by scrubbing and washing it too frequently? This is the reason why experts advised people to wash their face only one to two times every day with a gentle cleanser and tepid water.

French fries, chocolate, and pizza cause acne. There is still insufficient evidence on foods causing acne. No matter how unhealthy your favorite foods are, they are not major causes of your problem. It is indeed true that there are cases the mentioned foods have resulted to aggravated acne in some people, but more studies have to attest their clear correlation to pimples.

popping pimplesPick and pop your pimples for removal. It is never advised that you pick and pop your pimples to heal them. In truth, by squeezing them out, you will only cause worse inflammation. Doctors also stated that popping pimples will only push the pus deeper into your skin. Instead of squeezing acnes, you should let an acne treatment do the work of shrinking and killing bacteria in your skin.

The dark color of blackheads is due to dirt. Blackheads are naturally dark in color for the oil related to its development changes in color when exposed to air. Be reminded that blackheads are combinations of sebum and dead skin cells.

Acne can heal by itself. Not all acnes will be cured by letting it settle in your skin. Do you want to let your pores stay clogged permanently? Your clogged pores may even get worse as your skin accumulates more dirt. Clearing away your acne as early as possible will help you avoid scarring in the future.

Acne is contagious. Acne cannot be caught from someone else. Be reminded that there are contributing factors causing its development, which are excess bacteria, skin cell retention in your pores, and excess oil. When the factors combined, acne will develop. Every factor mentioned is obviously present only in your skin system and not from others.

The given myths above will help you understand acne correctly. It is best to take them for granted for they give you misunderstanding on what approach to use in clearing your zits or pimples.