Food Triggers to Avoid for Acne Healing

Diet plays a major role in your acne development and skin care management. The foods you eat contain properties that affect not only your hormones, but also the mechanisms of your skin system. Some foods may cause you excess sebum and heightened exposure from bacteria. Moreover, there are foods that can level up your insulin and glucose levels, which are related to your skin’s responses.

In other words, for you to promote an effective acne treatment in the skin, you should also prevent foods that cause impairment to it. To incline your diet for acne management, you should consider the food triggers of zits and inhibit them. Here are a few:

Dairy foodsDairy foods. Milk is the primary example of dairy product you should prevent if you want to keep your skin free from acne. It was found out by studies, including the one presented by American Academy of Dermatology, that there is a probable correlation between breakouts and milk consumption. This may be due to the hormones found in the commodity. As you consume dairy, spikes in hormones can be anticipated. If you really have to drink milk, doctors suggest that you have alternatives like hemp milk, rice milk, and coconut milk.

Chocolate. Chocolate has always been blamed for acne aggravation. However, you need to remember that it is not an exact cause of acne. It was just found out by studies that a diet high in sugars and fats can cause breakouts. In such case, it is best to eat chocolate moderately starting today.

Red chilies. The spices are known for possibly causing acne breakouts. This claim is supported by a study written on Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal. The research, which was conducted in 2006, indicated that there is a possible correlation between hot spices and breakouts.

Sugar. Obviously, sugar is another commodity you better prevent if you want to stop acne. It is described to a pro-inflammatory food. If you need sweet taste every day, you should have alternatives, such as maple syrup, stevia, or raw honey instead.

Bread. Your acne may be provoked if you prefer eating croissants, baguettes, and commercially produced breads. The said foods contain dairy properties, sugar, and soybean oil. They cause inflammation, which is one factor contributing to acne.

Nuts. There are nuts that can possibly cause breakouts, said the studies. However, experts did not conclude that nuts are direct causes of breakouts. It may only make your diet high in glycemic index, which is a diet that is attested to be partly responsible in acne breakouts.

Coffee. Coffee can increase the levels of stress hormones in your body. If your stress hormones are high, inflammation and stimulated sebaceous glands will be your major problems. According to experts, it is best to switch in to yerba mate or tea instead.

Now that you have a better idea of what foods to prevent, you no longer have to worry about your diet. Be reminded that prevention is better than treatment even if your concern is a skin problem like acne.