The Top Observed Triggers of Pesky Zits

Pesky zits are among men and women’s common problems. The dilemma is not simply a physical issue, for it can also make yourself feel unattractive or even ugly. Moreover, acnes develop in different areas of the body, which makes it more irritating.

Fortunately, doctors have already found out what could possibly triggering its development or aggravation. By preventing the said factors, you will also have the opportunity to get rid of new zits probable growth in your skin as soon as possible.

To give you ideas on top observed triggers of acne, given below are few of them:

ChocolateChocolate. The food is not an exact cause of acne, but there are cases that blamed chocolate for causing acne aggravation. It is noted by doctors that chocolate may possibly cause a breakout for it contains high fat levels. Moreover, Dr. Shamban stated that a diet high in fat or sugar can result to inflammatory responses in body and heightened production of sebum. Consequently, acne can develop over time. In other words, if you want to stay protected from what chocolate can possibly cause to your skin, you should eat it moderately.

Touching the face. Your face is sensitive and if you will touch it with your hands, which are considered dirty most of the time, you will likely suffer from acne. It is best to prevent touching your face during the day for this may result to zit development. Moreover, prevention of face touching is not limited to the use of your hands. Be reminded that your mobile phone may also cause bacteria spread on your skin.

Hair-styling products. Your hair should be kept away from your face for it can leave dirt or bacteria in it. What more if you will use hair-styling products on your hair and let it touch your skin? Styling products are found with oil that can cause acne-causing bacteria be trapped in your skin. This problem may result to pus development, inflammation, and redness of your skin.

Spicy foods. It was stated in Jordanian study in 2006, which can be found in Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal, that spicy foods are also linked to acne patients’ suffering. Although the evidence is insufficient, there is a correlation between spices and acne aggravation.

Facial hair removal. Removing facial hair may also play a role in causing your acne to develop or become worse. This is due to the fact removal methods may cause skin cells be pushed into your pores and bacteria develop in them subsequent to swelling of skin tissues.

Stress. The high levels of cortisol or stress hormone in the body can cause more oil to be produced by your sebaceous glands. Stress is not an exact cause or trigger of acne, but many people experienced that stressful situations result to pus-filled and inflamed papules in their skin.

Dairy products. Dairy products like cheese and milk are said to be possible triggers of acne. Why? This is due to the fact that these products can cause burst in insulin, which causes sugar absorption in your cells. Apparently, your diet having high sugar content can possibly lead to more acne.